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Early functional rehab

Foot and Ankle Surgery can be quite variable, as there are many conditions and many bones in the feet that each can contribute differently to pain & disability. Being a direct weight bearing joint, it can sometimes be difficult to recover from surgery as there may be periods of limited or non-weight bearing to protect & allow healing of the condition. Traditionally these would be immobilised in plaster for prolonged periods of time, however this can be detrimental & contribute to ongoing stiffness, muscle wasting or atrophy, loss of balance and strength. Dr Yeo understands this, and at our practice we therefore focus on early functional rehabilitation. The aim is to get you back on your feet in the quickest possible time with the least amount of disruption to your daily routine, focusing on early Physiotherapy & early mobilization with the least time kept off your feet as possible.

Focus on day surgery

Many foot and ankle disorders can actually be dealt with as a day surgery case. Most cases whether big or small can be managed quite comfortably with sufficient analgesia or in combination with a popliteal block – which is an injection into the back of the knee, similar in effect to receiving a “spinal or epidural” at the level of the knee downwards. This will numb the leg from the level of the knee down, lasting anywhere up to a day or 2. In conjunction with our Anaesthetists & Physiotherapist, ensuring you are safe mobilising and pain free on either crutches or similar aids will allow you to return to the comfort of your own bed or home on the same day of surgery. If safety is a concern, Dr Yeo will discuss this with you and you may require at the most an overnight stay in hospital to ensure you are safe mobilising the next day. Dr Yeo will discuss this further with you should surgery be required.

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