At your appointment

Things to bring

  • Copy of GP referral
  • Medicare card
  • Private Health Insurance card/DVA card
  • Work Cover claim number (if applicable)
  • Any recent investigations you have recently had (X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI’s or CT’s).

If they are not recent (less than 6 months) Dr Yeo may order you new ones either before your appointment or after meeting you. Please inform us of which company the imaging was through. Most of the time Dr Yeo has online access to images however additional time may be required if they are on CD’s or not accessible online.

Arrival time

  • Please arrive at least 10mins before your appointment time if you are a new patient as there may be forms to fill out including a health questionnaire.
  • If you have been notified that a new x-ray is required, the form will either be e-mailed/faxed out to you, or you can turn up at our rooms 30-45mins before your appointment to collect the form and have the x-ray at the Queensland Diagnostic Imaging center within the St Vincent’s Hospital.

Contact Dr Gerald for details on Early Functional Rehab and Day Surgery